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(75% off ) Learn Devops: Continuously Deliver Better Software Course

This Learn DevOps course will teach the DevOps philosophy and all the tools and technologies associated with it. If you trying to implement devOps in your team or organization and don’t know where to start, this is the right course for you.

Learn Devops

As you know, DevOps practice differs from organization to organization depends upon the application, teams, and a lot of other factors. But the tools and technologies used will not change that much. For example, automation tools, continuous integration tools, orchestration tools etc. So, to learn DevOps, you should be able to work with these DevOps tools to attain a good DevOps toolchain in your organization.

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What will you learn?

  1. You will learn the  building blocks of DevOps.
  2. Continuos delivery and lean IT.
  3. Verison control (Git)
  4. Infrastructure automation tools (chef , Ansible, AWS Opsworks)
  5. Developer automation tool (Vagrant)
  6. Continuous integration (Jenkins)
  7. Container technology (Docker)
  8. Artifactory and deployment
  9. Orchestration (Kubernetes)
  10. Continuous Monitoring.

So all the corners of DevOps are covered in this course.

About the Instructor

This course is taught by Edward Viaene, he is a DevOps and cloud specialist with over 10 years of IT experience. He is also a co-founder of a DevOps based startup. He is also a professional IT trainer of new technologies like BigData.

Course Info

The course is gone for programming engineers and framework executives that need to convey better programming. Other IT experts can likewise take this course, however, may need to do some additional exploration to see a portion of the ideas.

You will figure out how to enhance the Software Development Lifecycle by applying systems to enhance programming conveyance. I will disclose how to enhance conveyance utilizing robotization, arrangement administration, provisioning and organization devices. I additionally cover more current devices like Docker and Kubernetes. Where conceivable I point you towards the best practices in the field.

There is around 3 to 4 hours of addresses, yet you need to experiment with everything yourself, which will include numerous hours of learning. In the event that you get stayed with the innovation while attempting, there is backing accessible. I will answer your messages on the message sheets and we have a Facebook bunch where you can post questions.



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Udemy $9.99 Deal Is Back Redeem Offer
Udemy $9.99 Deal Is Back Redeem Offer