GoAnimate is also known as Vyond. Here, you can easily create video animations. You can get the latest Vyond coupon codes and discount offers at Couponslane.com. This amazing video animation can be used for business growth. It is easy for learning the techniques that are included in Vyond. The latest verified Vyond coupon codes are available in Couponslane of Vyond.

Vyond Coupon Codes and Offers

Get up to 60% discount coupons for Goanimate from Couponslane.com. You can also check the quality of the animated videos by checking for a free trial. You can even first validate the quality as per your need through the free trial. You will get 14 days that means 2 weeks for Goanimate free.

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Three Different Plans In Vyond

One is Personal :

 In personal, two differentiation

1. Essential Features

This is the basic features included for subscribing an individual. But Vyond watermark will be available in the video that you are created. You can create a character creator in the whiteboard.

  • Vyond watermark in all videos that you will create.
  • Only 720p resolution download for the videos.
  • Character Creator (Business Friendly & Whiteboard)

2. Premium Features

Here in premium, it is more flexible than an essential plan. You can export as an animated GIF file. You will get 24*7 live chat support. The important point is that no Vyond logo applied to your videos.

  • Both 720p and 1080p resolution downloads.
  • Export as an animated GIF file as well.
  • Live chat support always
  • No Vyond logo applied to videos.

Second is Business :

In business, two differentiation

  1. Premium Features 

The premium features which is included in the personal plan, as well as the business plan, are the same. So this is meant for the basic business plan.

     2. Professional Features

You will get additional team co-ordination. You will get priority service queue as well as 24*7 live chat support for sure. You can easily create contemporary character creation as well.

  • Team collaboration
  • Priority service queue & live chat support
  • Font import
  • Contemporary Character Creator

The third is Enterprise :

In Enterprise, two differentiation

  1. Professional Features

This is as same in the business which provides team collaboration, priority service queue as well as font import. And the contemporary character creation as well.

      2. Enterprise Features

For knowing the exact price, you have to directly contact their customer service. Depending on the need, the custom will support you in terms of security, designated manager, licensing, etc.

  • Multi-seat licensing
  • Vyond Secure Suite
  • Vyond Accel team training 
  • Designated account manager

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