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Udacity is an online platform to learn various IT related skills. They move you through engaging coursework ending in a degree that is awarded to you. If you pay the whole amount for any course at once, you will get 10% off from your course fee.


There are as many as 200 free courses for you to choose from and fathom its value. These Nano-degrees have credentials of their own and benefit you.


There is no age for learning. You can start learning anything new at any time you want. Udacity brings you such an opportunity to increase your knowledge in the fields of IT. You can easily upgrade your IT related skills from Udacity and even use them to land an impressive job. There are five schools at Udacity that teach various topics ranging from programming to artificial intelligence, from business skills such as digital marketing to autonomous systems.


  • Udacity works with over 200 industry experts who have helped them in designing their engaging course work and content.
  • You can choose from a range of subjects to obtain a Nanodegree from Udacity.
  • Udacity is divide into various schools. School of Artificial Intelligence, School of Programming, School of Cloud Computing, etc. are but some of the fields of study at Udacity.
  • Udacity guarantees that you will be placed once you have graduated with a nanodegree.


Udacity provides a very comprehensive pricing model that is devoid of any complications. It charges the same fees for any course that you opt for- Rs. 22849 per month. The courses, however, extend over different durations of time. The sessions may take anywhere between 4 to 12 months, and you have to pay accordingly. You can also make a payment monthly, or you can pay the whole amount for a course at once. If you are planning to do the latter, you will get an instant deduction of 10%.

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