An excellent video marketing platform for marketing your videos and get organic views, VidIQ is obviously a great tool that you can opt for. It helps you to review your strategy and optimise your YouTube channel for more views, likes, and subscribers. There are some exciting deals that VidIQ is offering. 

VidIQ Coupon Codes, Current Offers and Promo Codes:

You can apply the coupon code OSI to get the first 30 days of the software for free. You can also apply the code NEWTUBERS to cherish the first month of your membership for 100 percent free.

Free Trial:

Though there is no free trial available, you can easily available the basic package of VidIQ for free. It is perfect if you are a new YouTuber and trying to build your channel.

About the Application:

As stated earlier, VidIQ is enterprise-level software that you can use to make your YouTube game strong. It provides you with all the facets of video making. VidIQ helps you to analyse your video, understand what improvements you can make and also provides you with a complete competitor analysis. With this tool, you can easily improve your views and make your mark on YouTube. 


It helps you to get more organic reach for your YouTube video and help them to rank well.VidIQ also offers you complete competitor analysis and helps you to understand what you can do to beat the competition. Plus, it also offers you with a proper auditing tool to understand what content is actually working better for your videos on YouTube.

 Pricing Model:

Like we said before, the basic package is completely free to use. It is perfect if you are new to the process of video making on YouTube. There is also the pro package that you can get for just $7.50 per month. It offers you proper keyword research and better analytics. You can also opt for the Boost package for $39 per month and avail two times more views for your videos. Lastly, there is the Boost+ package which provides you with personalized coaching on YouTube video making along with all the features of other packages for $125 per month.

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