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The actual price was $30/month. But now if you are paying annually, you have to pay only $22.5/month. This is for a limited time. Less

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This is an extra benefit with a Growth plan. So in total, you will get 3 months for free with any of the subscription plans from WP Engine. Less

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Get [3 Months Free] for StartUp Plan From WP Engine

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WordPress has come up as an amazing solution to all the website creating problems in recent years. It is an easy to use tool with drag and drop options. This allows you to create a website even if you are a novice with no knowledge in coding languages such as PHP and HTML. Yes, WordPress is that easy. Now, there are many platforms wherein you can easily host a WordPress site. WP Engine will definitely pop up if you are looking for a server. To lay it down simply, WP Engine is going to burn quite the hole even with its basic STARTUP plan. So, you probably must be thinking is it good to go with such a plan? Or should you go with a cheaper alternative? Is the expensive WP Engine platform so great with its performance that it balances the cost? Well, you can only have all your questions answered when you go through this WP Engine review.

WP Engine Free Trial Account

You may not be lucky enough to get a WP Engine coupon. But you can sure go for WP Engine free. Yes, you heard that right! When you go for the annual plans, you will get to use the first two months for free.

WP Engine Pricing Details

STARTUP $25.00 ($30.00) 25,000 visits every month; 10 GB storage; 50GB bandwidth; 1 site.
GROWTH $95.83 ($115.00) 100,000 visits per month; 20 GB storage; 2000 GB bandwidth; 10 sites.
SCALE $241.67 (290.00) 400,000 visits every month; 50 GB storage; 500GB bandwidth; 30 sites.
CUSTOM Subject to need. Over millions of visits per month; 100 GB to 1 TB storage; over 400 GB bandwidth every month; 30 sites.
WP Engine Hosting Services To start off, WP Engine is a server platform that allows you to host WordPress sites. It is custom made in such a way that it easily hosts WordPress sites in an excellent manner. There are all kinds of plans available at WP Engine that will enable you to host all kinds of sites. Whether you are a beginner starting with your blog or an established business, WP Engine has a plan for you. Irrespective of the plan you choose, WP Engine will always have your back with its managed WordPress hosting platform. This means that you can tap into a customer support system that is available 24 x 7 round the year! Be it the shared server plans or the dedicated CUSTOM plan that you go for if you are a big multinational company, WP Engine always has your back. About WP Engine WP Engine is a platform that was built specifically to host WordPress sites. WordPress has become quite popular in recent years as a platform to craft websites. Starting from bloggers and going up to e-commerce sites as well as large multinational companies, everyone uses WordPress. And it’s all because of the sheer simplicity of this tool. WP Engine hosting is dedicated to hosting such kinds of sites only. In fact, 5% of the users regularly go through at least one site that is hosted by WP Engine. WP Engine has also become quite popular with the onslaught of WordPress.  There are over 120,000 users that use WP Engine regularly. The growth of this platform has been tremendous and it has spread to more than 140 countries worldwide. They even have a considerable number of data centers throughout the world for efficient workflow in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. In total, WP Engine can boast of 19 data centers worldwide. This hosting provider is also one of the most secure servers hosting options available out there. And they can block more than 2 million attacks every day. Types of Hosting in WP Engine
  • STARTUP: This is the simplest and cheapest shared server plan available at WP Engine. This plan offers you the benefit of 10 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth every month. The plan is likely to handle up to 25,000 visits every month for you. With the STARTUP plan, you can easily start a single site such as a blog.
  • GROWTH: If you already are a growing business then you can rely on the GROWTH plan hosted by WP Engine. A relatively expensive shared server hosting plan, this will get you up to 100,000 visits every month. This plan will also support up to 10 sites on the same platform and offers you with a bandwidth of 200 GB per month.
  • SCALE: One of the best Pro plans in the market, the SALE plan hosted by WP Engine is quite expensive but comes with all kinds of perks. If you are already a well-established business and want to go online, if you are of getting quite the traffic load, this is the plan for you. Designed to host up to 30 sites, this plan will handle up to 400,000 visits per month, the 50 GB storage is okay while the 500 GB bandwidth is quite effective.
  • CUSTOM: If you are not looking for shared server hosting plans but want to go for the big gun, the CUSTOM plan is the one for you. Ideal for a big multinational company and are likely to have millions of visitors every month, you should go for this plan. The bandwidth and the storage options are to be determined by you and can go as high as you want it to be!
WP Engine Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discount The WP Engine discount coupon for 2020 to avail the Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts is not revealed yet. But they are sure to come around. Last year, a discount of up to 42%. Or using the WP Engine platform free for the first 5 months was given to the lucky users who created their accounts near to the holiday season. Why Choose WP Engine Hosting?
  • Free DN services are available with any plan that you choose.
  • Page Performance feature ingrained that allows you to make a necessary modification for maximized reach.
  • GeoTarget is an amazing add-on that allows you to customize your content based on specific regions around the globe.

WP Engine A Short Review 2020

WP Engine is a well-optimized solution for all your needs of you are hosting a WordPress site. It is true that P Engine will not come cheap. But if you are looking for high-end performance, then WP Engine is the way to go. It is an amazing platform. Even if you are a beginner and is loaded with all kinds of features that allow maximizing your reach. All the plans that you get at WP Engine, be it shared or the CUSTOM dedicated plan, you will get managed services and thus their entire support team at your disposal at all times. If you are a new user, you may also be lucky enough to get a WP Engine coupon. It allows you anywhere between 3 to 5 months of free use.

WP Engine Key Features

  • An optimized solution for all WordPress users.
  • Performance is highly consistent.
  • High-end security for your website and your data.
  • 24×7 customer support unit.
  • Different kinds of performance-enhancing features available.