Code School Offer with Pluralsight Annual Subscription

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Code School offer Apart from a $9 Code School offer, the...More

Code School offer

Apart from a $9 Code School offer, the best offer you can avail from CodeSchool is by subscribing to the annual plan. In this subscription, you can save $58.

Offer Benefits

One year subscription comes with several benefits as below.

  1. Full access to Code School courses.
  2. Unlimited access to Code School screencasts.
  3. You can cancel the subscription anytime.
  4. iOS application to learn anywhere.
  5. Updated content.
  6. Podcasts to listen anytime and anywhere.

What you can learn

You can learn the following main technologies from Code school.

  1. HTML and CSS
  3. Ruby on Rails
  4. WordPress Development.
  5. Android Development
  6. Version Control System (Git)
  7. iOS development by building real-world applications.
  8. and more…

Teaching Method

All the teaching is done through interactive sessions and game-like interfaces. The best part about teaching is the coding challenges. You will be given coding problems after every session to test your understanding of that particular topic. If you are not able to solve, you will be given hints to solve the problem. Also, you will be able to download the teaching materials for the same.

Code School is great for learning javascript because, when compared to other online coding schools Code School has covered a lot of javascript lessons.


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Codeschool Discount Coupon Code and Review : Learn Web Development

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Codeschool is a great online portal to learn coding. If...More

Codeschool is a great online portal to learn coding. If you think why should you learn to code, you should probably watch the below video.

So as said by the computer  legends, everyone should learn to code. So it doesn’t not matter if you are beginners or you never learned computer science before. All it takes is a 30 minutes to  an hour a day to learn coding.Once you get a hang of it, you will start loving it.

Codeschool Discount Coupon

So, to start with, we are providing an exclusive offer for Codeschool to get you started with your learning. You can get your first months  codeschool subscription only for  $9 ( Normally $29)using codechool discount coupon. Besides, if you opt for a yearly subscription, codeschool offers two months free subscription with every annual subscription you take.

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What you can learn at codeshool

You can learn web designing, front end web development ( HTML, CSS, Javascrip etc) and back end web development ( Ruby, PhP, WordPress etc).

Also you can learn iOS application development using SWIFT language.

I never tried coding before. Will it be worth it?

If you have never tried coding before, codeshool is the right place for you. Every course is well structured with online coding challenges. So, after finishing every session, you will be asked to do an exercise from what you have learnt using interative sessions on your browser. This will give you enough practice with all you have learned.

How about instructors?

Codescho0l instructors are passionate programmers and technology enthusiasts. Their way of teaching is really great. Along with programming, they will also teach you how to use various web development tools to develop awesome websites.


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